Eddie Hubble

John Edgar "Eddie" Hubble (born April 6, 1928; died in summer 2016) was an American jazz trombonist.[1]

Hubble was born in Santa Barbara, California, and learned trombone from his father, who was also a professional trombonist in the Los Angeles area.[1] Hubble moved to New York City in 1944, and by the late 1940s had played with Bob Wilber, Buddy Rich, Doc Evans, Alvino Rey, and Eddie Condon.[1] He played with his own ensemble from the late 1940s, recording for Savoy Records in 1952.[1] He played with a Dixieland jazz ensemble known as The Six in 1953, and worked with Muggsy Spanier in the 1960s, playing in Ohio and Connecticut.[1] He also worked with the World's Greatest Jazz Band.[1] Despite being seriously injured in a car crash in 1979, he was soon back playing, including for international tours.[2]


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