Ecopark (Vietnam)

Ecopark is an urban township development on the outskirts of Hanoi, in Hung Yen Province, Vietnam. Currently under development, Ecopark will span 500 ha with an estimated investment capital of over US$8.2 billion.[1] The entire development, divided into nine construction phases, is expected to complete in an 18-year period.[2]

EcoPark - Huyen Van Giang.jpg
Rụng Cơ Apartmens D large "Ecopark" sign (July 2017).jpg
LocationHưng Yên Province, Vietnam
StatusUnder construction
Estimated completion2020
DeveloperViet Hung Urban Development and Investment - Vihajico
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Ecopark is located near Bát Tràng village, just 4 km from Thanh Tri Bridge and 13 km from Hoàn Kiếm Lake – the centre of Hanoi. In accordance with “The Hanoi Capital Construction Master Plan to 2030 and vision to 2050”, there will be plenty of bridges and traffic tunnels crossing the Red River, considerably reducing travel times between Ecopark and the centre of Hanoi.


Map of Hanoi showing the planned location of Ecopark (in red)

Ecopark is developed by Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment J.S.C (VIHAJICO), a joint venture of the following Vietnamese companies:[3]

  • AA Construction Architecture Joint Stock Company (AA Corporation)
  • ATA Architects Co., Ltd
  • Nam Thanh Do Construction Consultants J.S.C
  • Thanh Nam Construction and Investment J.S.C
  • Duy Nghia Co., Ltd
  • Phung Thien Trading Co., Ltd
  • Nam Thanh Tourism and Commerce J.S.C
  • Bao Tin Trading Co., Ltd.

Opposition from local farmersEdit

The project has met resistance from about 2000 farmers whose land was repossessed, as in Vietnam all land belongs to the state.[4]

There were protests in 2006 and 2006.[5] Then on April 24, 2012, this became one of the biggest land confrontation in Vietnam, with 1000 police facing farmers armed with sticks, rocks and Molotov cocktails.[4] Police fired teargas into the crowds, arrested several protesters,[6] and some villagers were beaten by the police with clubs.[7]

A farmer said "she was initially offered the equivalent of $2.63 per square meter, with the price rising three times to $7.18", while "apartments to be built at Ecopark were offered at a minimum $886 per square meter in a promotion for early buyers in May last year" [8]


Once fully completed, Ecopark will house around 20,000 residential units: villas, semi-detached houses, and apartment units occupying approximately 35% of the total site area.[9] The communities are gated, with 24/7 security.[10]

1.Rừng Cọ Apartments[11]

  • Built in the first phase of Ecopark, Rừng Cọ apartments are designed to Ecopark’s vision, which is to create harmony between humans and nature. The apartments are built with views to surrounding landscape, villas and semi-detached villas.
  • Rừng Cọ comprises five blocks, offering a wide range of apartments from 71m2 to 151m2, and penthouses from 141m2 to 144.9m2.

2. Pho Truc shophouses[12]

  • Developed as a trading, shopping, tourism, and dining space for both residents of Ecopark and tourists, Pho Truc features 130 semi-detached ‘shop houses’. Each house has an area of 100-120m2, with two 5m wide street frontages on two streets.
  • The ‘shop houses’ in Pho Truc not only aim to house businesses, including fashion stores, cafes and fast food shops, but are also designed to be customized for a variety of functions.

3. Vuon Tung Gated Community (villas & semi-detached villas)[13]

  • Vuon Tung Villas with a site area of 11.07 hectares includes 38 detached villas (293 – 766m2/villa). All villas are to be built using ‘green’ construction methods and their designs will highlight open space.

4. Vuon Mai Gated Community (villas & semi-detached villas)[14]

  • Vuon Mai Villas with the site area 7.68 hectares includes 109 detached villas (296 – 618m2/villa).

Facilities & AmenitiesEdit

The township's facilities and amenities include

  • Commercial and office centres
  • International hospital
  • International university
    • British University Vietnam (BUV). Estimated cost at $70 million which will eventually accommodate around 10,000 students.[15]
  • Themed old town
  • Cinemas
  • Club house area
  • Swimming pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Gyms
  • Parks
  • Children's playgrounds
  • 18-hole golf course


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