Echternacher Anzeiger

Echternacher Anzeiger was a newspaper published in Luxembourg between 1863 and 1940.

Echternacher Anzeiger

The Echternacher Anzeiger started business on 10 May 1863. It was published twice a week in Echternach, first by Dominik Burg, later by his son Joseph Burg, then by the latter's son, also named Joseph Burg.[1]

It had a small readership — in 1865 it sold about 160 copies — and mainly consisted of articles which had already been published elsewhere.[2]

Over time, it developed the ambition to grow beyond its local basis, and even beyond the national borders, as evidenced by its byline: "a national newspaper. An organ for the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and the neighbouring areas".

Its publication ended on 31 December 1940.

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