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The Eastmain Reservoir is a reservoir which lies about 800 kilometres north of Montreal. The reservoir is part of a project known as the Eastmain-1-A/Sarcelle/Rupert Project which is designed to increase hydroelectric power for the Canadian province.[1] Some of the structures along this reservoir include the Eastmain-1 power house and the Eastmain-1-A power house, which are under construction.[1] Eastmain-1 has three water turbines that can collectively generate as much as 480 megawatt hours of electricity, according to the EM-1 Project plan.[1] Meanwhile, HydroQuébec explains that Eastmain-1-A is intended to supplement its slightly older neighbor.[1] When complete, Eastmain-1-A is expected to generate up to 768 megawatts.[1]

Eastmain Reservoir
Eastmain Reservoir, Quebec.jpg
Wide-area view of the Eastmain Reservoir
Coordinates52°10′54″N 75°52′26″W / 52.18167°N 75.87389°W / 52.18167; -75.87389Coordinates: 52°10′54″N 75°52′26″W / 52.18167°N 75.87389°W / 52.18167; -75.87389
Basin countriesCanada
Eastmain Reservoir is located in Canada
Eastmain Reservoir
Eastmain Reservoir
Location within Canada


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