The Eastern Iowa League was a minor league baseball league that played in the 1890 and 1895 seasons. The eight–team Independent level Eastern Iowa League consisted of teams based in Iowa and Illinois. The Eastern Iowa League permanently folded following the 1895 season.

Eastern Iowa League
ClassificationIndependent (1895)
SportMinor League Baseball
First season1890
PresidentUnknown (1890, 1895)
No. of teams8
CountryUnited States of America
Most titles1
Dubuque Colts (1895)
Illinois–Iowa League



The Eastern Iowa League was formed for the 1895 season as an Independent level minor league.[1] A league with the same name had operated in 1890 and the teams and statistics of the 1890 league are unknown. The Eastern Iowa League League began play on May 10, 1895, as an eight–team league.[2][3] The Eastern Iowa League League hosted Iowa franchises from Burlington, Iowa (Burlington Spiders), Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Cedar Rapids Rabbits), Clinton, Iowa (Clinton Bridegrooms), Dubuque, Iowa (Dubuque Colts), Ottumwa, Iowa (Ottumwa Brownies) and Waterloo, Iowa (Waterloo Indians). The Illinois franchises were based in Rock Island, Illinois (Rock Island Tri-Cities) and Galesburg, Illinois (Galesburg Trotters).[4][5][6]

After the season began in 1895, two franchises were "expelled" from the league.[5][7] On June 14, 1895, both the Clinton Bridegrooms and the Rock Island Tri-Cities were expelled from the Eastern Iowa League.[8][9]

Cedar Rapids turned a triple play in a 6–2 victory over Dubuque on June 18, 1895.[10]

The Galesburg Trotters franchise disbanded on June 25, 1895, and did not return to league play.[7] [5][11]

After being expelled from the league, the Clinton Bridegrooms were allowed to rejoin the Eastern Iowa League, returning to league play on July 4, 1895.[7][5][8]

On July 8, 1895, four days after being reinstated, the Clinton Bridegrooms were expelled from the league for a second time. The Waterloo Indians were also expelled from the Eastern Iowa League on July 8, 1895.[7][5][8]

The Dubuque Colts franchise explored joining the Western Association in 1895 and one of the Dubuque directors of the Dubuque club wrote a letter to the Cedar Rapids franchise in an attempt to have Cedar Rapids join them in the move. The teams did not leave the 1895 Eastern Iowa League.[4]

Local businesses regularly closed when Eastern Iowa League teams hosted home games.[5]

The Dubuque Colts (66–31) had the best overall record in the Eastern Iowa League, which ended the season with four teams. Dubuque won the Eastern Iowa League Championship by winning both halves, so no playoffs were held.[12] The rest of the Eastern Iowa League 1895 regular season records were: Burlington Spiders (52–39),[13] Ottumwa Brownies (49–52),[14] Cedar Rapids Rabbits (43–51).[15] The four teams who were didn't finish the season were the Waterloo Indians,[16] who stopped play with a 21–25 record, the Rock Island Tri-Cities (14–18),[17] Galesburg Trotters (13–27)[18] and Clinton Bridegrooms (11–26).[19][7][9]

The Eastern Iowa League permanently disbanded after the 1895 season was completed.[20]

Eastern Iowa League teams: 1895

Team name City represented Ballpark Year
Burlington Spiders Burlington, Iowa Athletic Park[21] 1895
Cedar Rapids Rabbits Cedar Rapids, Iowa West End Grounds[22] 1895
Clinton Bridegrooms Clinton, Iowa Ringwood Park[23] 1895
Dubuque Colts Dubuque, Iowa 26th Street Field,
Base Ball Grounds[24][25]
Galesburg Trotters Galesburg, Illinois Willard Field[26] 1895
Ottumwa Brownies Ottumwa, Iowa Green Street Park[27] 1895
Rock Island Tri-Cities Rock Island, Illinois 12th Street Grounds,
Twin City Park[28]
Waterloo Indians Waterloo, Iowa West End Grounds[29] 1895

Standings & statistics


1895 Eastern Iowa League

Team standings W L PCT GB Managers
Dubuque Colts 66 31 .680 Joe Cantillon / Tom Morrissey
Burlington Spiders 52 39 .571 11.0 Paul Hines
Ottumwa Brownies 49 52 .485 19.0 Fred Orelup
Cedar Rapids Rabbits 43 51 .457 21.5 John Buchan / Pa Rourke
Waterloo Indians 21 25 .457 NA Mike Lawrence / Baker
Galesburg Trotters 13 27 .325 NA Frank DuShane
Rock Island Tri-Cities 14 18 .438 NA Harry Sage
Clinton Bridegrooms 11 26 .297 NA George Shugart / Edward Corbett
Player statistics
Player Team Stat Tot Player Team Stat Tot
Tom Morrissey Dubuque BA .404 Jake Weimer Burlington W 18
Leroy Hackett Burlington Runs 97 Jake Weimer Burlington SO 148
Tom Morrissey Dubuque Hits 137 Pop Dillon Ottumwa PCT .714 10–4
Leroy Hackett Burlington HR 13



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