Eastern Football League (Scotland)

This was a Scottish non-league football (soccer) competition that ran at various times between 1891 and 1946.

Eastern Alliance Edit

1891–92 Edit

The Eastern Football Alliance was formed in 1891–92 by predominantly six Linlithgowshire clubs; Mossend Swifts, Armadale, Bathgate Rovers, Bo'ness, Broxburn, and Leith Hibernian (a club related to the original Hibernian).[1]

Kirkcaldy were later admitted to the league, but withdrew during the season and their results expunged. Leith Hibernian were dissolved before the tournament started, and were replaced by Adventurers.[1]

The league remained unfinished and was wound before the season finished.[1]

East of Scotland League Edit

1893–94 Edit

The first East of Scotland Football League was formed in 1893–94 by six West Lothian clubs. The league was officially formed and its officials were selected at the East of Scotland FA Rooms in January 1894.[1]

Broxburn Shamrock were to join after the first season. The competition was poorly received. It wad unfinished primarily because it had started so late in the season.[1]

Eastern League Edit

1904–07 Edit

Eastern League
Region  Scotland
Last championsHearts 'A' (2nd title)
Most successful club(s)Hearts 'A' (2 titles)

After an unsuccessful season of the revived Midland League, the Eastern Football League was reformed by nine clubs on August 6, 1904. One of those clubs, Hearts of Beath was later replaced with Hearts 'A'.[2]

After a single season, member clubs Bo'ness, Broxburn, and Broxburn Shamrock all left to join the reformed Scottish Alliance. An ailing league only lasted another season before it was disbanded.[2]

Champions Edit

1904–05 Heart of Midlothian 'A'

1905–06 Heart of Midlothian 'A'

1906–07 unfinished

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1912–14 Edit

The Eastern Football League was revived in 1912–13 and lasted for two seasons.[2]

It came about after the Northern League had lost several of its principal clubs to other leagues, and there was a failed attempt to re-form as the North Eastern League with clubs from the Lothians and Borders.[2]

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1915–18 Edit

Eastern League
Region  Scotland
Last championsCowdenbeath (2nd title)
Most successful club(s)Cowdenbeath (2 titles)

In 1915, the Scottish League suspended its Division Two for the remainder of World War I. The member clubs combined with multiple non-league sides formed two regional leagues - Western and Eastern Football Leagues.[2]

Although the Western League continued throughout the World War II, the Eastern League went in to abeyance after season 1917–18 due to the lack of clubs still operating in the area.[2]

Champions Edit

1915–16 Armadale

1916–17 Cowdenbeath

1917–18 Cowdenbeath

Membership Edit

1919–23 Edit

Eastern League
Region  Scotland
Last championsDundee Hibernian (1st title)
Most successful club(s)Dundee Hibernian (1 title)

Champions Edit

1919–20 Dundee Hibernian




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