East Runton Windmill

East Runton Windmill is a grade II listed[1] tower mill at East Runton, Norfolk, England which has been converted to residential accommodation.

East Runton Windmill
East Runton Mill.jpg
East Runton Windmill, January 2008
Mill nameEast Runton Mill
Mill locationTG 2005 4229
Coordinates52°55′58.56″N 1°16′22.39″E / 52.9329333°N 1.2728861°E / 52.9329333; 1.2728861Coordinates: 52°55′58.56″N 1°16′22.39″E / 52.9329333°N 1.2728861°E / 52.9329333; 1.2728861
Year built1820s
PurposeCorn mill
TypeTower mill
StoreysFive storeys
No. of sailsFour sails
Type of sailsDouble Patent sails
Fantail bladesSix blades
No. of pairs of millstonesThree pairs


The first record of this windmill is its appearance on Bryant’s map of Norfolk published in 1826. The mill was owned by Joseph Baker in 1836. He was a miller and brickmaker. The mill was to let in 1843. On 1 November 1860 a fifteen year old girl named Martha Holman was struck by one of the sails and knocked unconscious. The mill was working until at least 1908, when Ronald Hall was the miller, but it was derelict in 1926.[2]

The mill still had a cap in 1937, but the sails and fantail had been removed by then. By 1949, the mill had been stripped of machinery. The tower retained the remains of the cap frame in 1984.[2] In 2003, the mill was converted to residential accommodation, with a new cap and fantail added.[3]


East Runton Windmill is a five storey tower mill with a stage at second floor level. It has a boat shaped cap with a gallery, winded by a fantail. The mill had four double Patent sails and drove three pairs of millstones. The tower is 38 feet (11.58 m) to curb level.


  • Joseph Baker 1836-43
  • George Waterson 1845-46
  • Joseph Baker 1841-56
  • Stephen Millet 1858-59
  • James Kemp 1860-1904
  • Ronald Hall 1908

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