East Devonport Football Club

The East Devonport Football Club is an Australian rules football club based on Devonport, Tasmania. The club has competed in the North West Football League since 1987.

East Devonport
East devenport fc logo.png
Full nameEast Devonport Football Club
Club song"Onwards To Victory"
Club details
Founded1901; 119 years ago (1901)
CompetitionNorth West Football League
PresidentJustin Delanty
CoachJosh Holland
Ground(s)Girdlestone Park


The club competed on an irregular basis in various non-senior North Western competitions between 1901 and 1944 before being promoted to senior status to participate in the North West Football Union from 1945 to 1986. In 1987 the club joined the Northern Tasmanian Football League (renamed the North West Football League in 2015), and has competed continuously in that competition since.

Home Ground – Girdlestone Park
Established – 1901
Playing Colours – Red & White
Emblem – Swans
Club Theme Song – "Onwards To Victory" (Tune: "Notre Dame Victory March")
Affiliations – Various junior competitions (1901–1944) NWFU (1945–1986), NTFL/NWFL (1987–present)

Premiership TitlesEdit

NWFU Premierships

  • 1946, 1948, 1968.

NTFL/NWFL Premierships

  • 1988.

Tasmanian State Premierships

  • Nil.

Individual Medal WinnersEdit

Wander Medal Winners

Ovaltine Medal Winners

  • 1995   – Paul Spencer

Pivot Medal Winners

  • 1998   – Craig Muir

Darrel Baldock Medal Winners

  • 2002   – Adrian Partridge

Competition Leading GoalkickersEdit

NWFU Leading Goalkickers

  • 1954   – Ray Summers (38)
  • 1980   – Chris Reynolds (95)
  • 1981   – Chris Reynolds (97)

NTFL/NWFL Leading Goalkickers

Club RecordsEdit

Club Record Score

  • 36.13 (229) v George Town 11.4 (70) in 1987

Club Record Games Holder

  •   – Shane McCoy (263)

Club Record Match AttendanceEdit

Notable playersEdit

Graham Wright was drafted in the 1987 VFL draft to Collingwood Football Club and achieved premiership success in 1990.


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