The European University Hockey League (EUHL) is the first European university league in ice-hockey that was founded in 2013 and it is managed by the EUHA (the European University Hockey Association). The idea to establish a university hockey league in Europe was invented by Jaroslav Straka, who thanks to Lubomir Sekeras, Frantisek Sadecky and Peter Spankovic turned a dream into reality. Everything started with the initial thought of pan-European expansion through the creation of four divisions to save money and time– Eastern (Slovakia, Czech republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary), Western (Germany I, France, Belgium, The Netherlands), North (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark) and South (Germany II, Austria II, Switzerland, Slovenia). Presently the EUHL consists of 10 teams from 4 countries, but it is already assured that next year this number will be higher. The new applicants come from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Hungary etc., accompanied by American Universities and associations from the USA.

European University Hockey League
Current season or competition:
2013–14 EUHL season
European University Hocley League logo.png
EUHL logo
CountriesSlovakia Slovakia (5 teams)
Czech Republic Czech Republic (3 teams)
Austria Austria (1 team)
Poland Poland (1 team)
Region(s)Central Europe
League PresidentSlovakia Jaroslav Straka
LeagueVice-PresidentSlovakia Ľubomír Sekeráš
First season2014–15
No. of teams10
Recent ChampionsUK Praha (1st title)
Most successful clubUK Praha (3 titles)
HeadquartersTrenčín, Slovakia


The winner of the league is awarded with Sekeráš Championship Trophy, which is named after former Slovak NHL player Ľubomír Sekeráš, who is the co-founder of the league.[1]


Four divisions are planned – Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western. Northern division should contain teams from the universities in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark; Eastern division should contain teams from Slovakia, Czech republic, Austria, Poland and Hungary; Southern division should contain teams from Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia and Austria and Western division should contain teams from France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.[2]

However, for the first season, 2013–14, only six teams were involved which formed only one division.


In the beginning of the first season only five teams have been confirmed – three from Slovakia and two from Czech republic – even though more universities are interested in joining the league. However, on 13 November 2013 a new participant, VŠEMvs Managers from Bratislava joined the league, thus increasing the number of participants to six.[3]

In the second season the following teams participate:

Institution Location Founded Affiliation Team name Joined Arena Capacity Titles Website
Charles University in Prague   Prague 1347 Public UK Praha 2013 Zimní stadion Slaný 3,200[4] 1
City University of Seattle (VŠM)   Trenčín 1999 Private CityU Gladiators Trenčín Zimný štadión Pavla Demitru 6,150 0 [1]
Czech Technical University   Prague 2001 Public Technika Praha 0
Pan-European University   Bratislava 2004 Private Paneuropa Kings Zimný štadión Vladimíra Dzurillu 3,500 0 [2]
Slovak University of Technology   Bratislava 1937 Public Slávia STU 0 [3]
University of International and Public Relations Prague in Bratislava   Bratislava Private Diplomats Pressburg 2014 [4] [5]
University of West Bohemia   Pilsen 1991 Public Akademici Plzeň
Matej Bel University   Banská Bystrica 1992 Public UMB Banská Bystrica
The Podhale State College of Applied Sciences in Nowy Targ  

Nowy Targ

Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National-Louis University  


1928 Public Academy 1928 KTH Krynica 2016
University of Graz   Graz 1585 Public UHT Dukes Graz 2015 Eisstadion Liebenau 4,050 [6]
University of Presov
Public UNIPO Warriors 2016


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