The ESTDCU (ESTonian Digital Camo Uniform) is the Estonian version of the digital camouflage uniform. The camouflage pattern was developed by Andres Lüll on contract with the Logistics Center of the Estonian Defence Forces. The first set of test uniforms was introduced in 2005.[1]

ESTDCU (Estonian Digital Camouflage Uniform)
TRJE 15 (22587193801).jpgVälisminister Urmas Paet kohtumas Eesti kaitseväelastega Afganistanis (Foto Andres Putting Delfi) (5341805027).jpg
Top: An Estonian soldier with the ESTDCU Woodland uniform
Bottom: Estonian soldiers in Afghanistan with the ESTDCU Desert uniform
TypeMilitary camouflage pattern
Place of originEstonia
Service history
In service2007–present
Used byEstonian Defence Forces
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