EO Sidi Bouzid

EO Sidi Bouzid (L'Étoile olympique de Sidi Bouzid النجم الأولمبي بسيدي بوزيد) is a Tunisian football club founded in 1959 in the city of Sidi Bouzid. The club is currently evolving in the Ligue 1. The name of the club comes from the names of Club Olympique de Sidi Bouzid and l'Étoile Sportive de Gammouda, two clubs that merged in 2003 to create the current EOSB.

EO Sidi Bouzid
EO Sidi Bouzid (logo).png
Full nameÉtoile olympique de Sidi Bouzid
ChairmanAbdelkader Afi
ManagerOthman Chehaibi
LeagueLigue 1


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