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eGain Corporation (formerly known as eGain Communications Corporation) (NASDAQEGAN) is a customer engagement cloud solutions company, traded on the NASDAQ.[3] It is best known for its suite of knowledge-powered software applications, used by omnichannel contact centers, customer service organizations and digital business teams.[4]

eGain Corporation
eGain Communications Corporation
Russell 2000 Component
FounderAshutosh Roy[1]
Gunjan Sinha[2]
United States
Number of locations
12 Worldwide
Area served



eGain Corporation was founded as eGain Communications Corporation by Ashutosh Roy and Gunjan Sinha.[5][6] It began in 1997 when both were part of WhoWhere?, an internet search company they founded which was purchased by Lycos in 1998.[7] Prior to the purchase by Lycos, Roy served as the company's CEO and Chairman and Sinha served as its President.[6]

eGain filed for its initial IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission in July 1999.[8] At the time of the filing, it employed 114 people with plans to trade on the NASDAQ.[8] The company's stock began trading on the NASDAQ in September of that same year, going from $12 to $23 per share within its first few days of trading.[9] eGain filed for a secondary offering of common stock in February 2013.[10]

The company changed its name to eGain Corporation in November 2012.

eGain acquired Exony Ltd, a multichannel analytics and contact centre management company, in August 2014.

Products and servicesEdit

eGain provides customer engagement cloud software for B2C companies.[4] eGains' product suite includes applications that deliver unified multichannel customer service via mobile, social, email, chat, cobrowse, and digital self-service, built on a single platform for customer interaction management, knowledge management, analytics, and administration.[4]

Awards and recognitionEdit

eGain has received numerous awards and been recognized for its software, including as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for web customer service, as well as by Information Today's KMWorld Magazine. In 2017 it made KMWorld's list of "100 Companies That Matter In Knowledge Management",[11] a list it has made every year since 2007.[12][13] eGain was also named the 2017 CRM Service Leader in the Contact Center Search category[14]. eGain Knowledge+AI, the knowledge management software, has been a KMWorld Trend Setting Product in 2014, 2015[15]; eGain Virtual Assistant has been a KMWorld Trend Setting Product in 2016, 2017[16]. It has also received inclusion on Software Magazine's Software 500 list of the top 500 software companies.


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