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eFlow is the tolling brand name of Irish company Emovis (formerly Sanef ITS Operations Ireland, formerly BetEire Flow) which manages the collection of tolls electronically. It is best known for operating the "barrier-free" tolling system which was introduced on the M50 motorway around Dublin on 30 August 2008.[1][2]

Toll Plaza on the M7.jpg
The toll plaza on the M7 motorway with the eToll logo over the tollbooth showing that eFlow tags are accepted
Product typeRFID tagging
OwnerEmovis Operations Ireland
CountryRepublic of Ireland
IntroducedAugust 30, 2008; 10 years ago (2008-08-30)

Like other eToll systems, eFlow allows cashless payment on all of Ireland's toll roads. eFlow uses overhead cameras on the M50 and detectors to read electronic tags or number plates on vehicles.

In 2007 the National Roads Authority awarded the contract to construct and operate the new tolling system for the M50 to Sanef ITS Operations Ireland, a French consortium of toll operator SANEF and tolling system designer CS.[3] Both companies have worked on similar electronic tolling systems in Europe and North America.

eFlow tags are "interoperable", allowing motorists to use them on other eToll plazas on Ireland's road network. Electronic tags from other providers - MiniTag, Eazy Pass, eTrip, Eirtag, PassDirect and Tolltag - can also be used on the M50.

With the introduction of the electronic system, the existing barrier toll barriers began to be dismantled in September 2008, and drivers now pass through the toll point at normal driving speed.[4][5] Bottlenecks at the old toll barriers often caused long tailbacks, which were often featured in the roadwatch traffic reports of AA Ireland.[6]



Prices as of 2015 [7]

Vehicle Type Unregistered eFlow Video Account Any Tag Account
Car or Public Service Vehicle (Up to 8 passengers) €3.10 €2.60 €2.10
Light goods vehicles (unladen weight under 2,000 kg) €3.90 €3.40 €2.90
Buses or coaches (seating more than 8 passengers) €3.90 €3.40 €2.90
Goods vehicles (unladen weight 2,000 to 10,000 kg) €5.30 €4.70 €4.20
Heavy goods vehicles (unladen weight over 10,000 kg) €6.30 €5.80 €5.30
Tractor unit or an articulated vehicle €6.30 €5.80 €5.30
Motorcycles Free Free Free

eFlow Tag Registered vehicles pay a monthly account fee of €1.23.[8]

Forms of PaymentEdit

Payment is by cash, credit or debit card and is payable in stores or on the eFlow website. Toll charges must be paid by 8pm the following day of the journey or the driver incurs a penalty charge.

Exempt VehiclesEdit

Motorcycles and Specially adapted vehicles for disabled persons are exempt from eFlow toll charges.[8]


Since the launch of the eTolling system at the West-Link in 2008, it has not been without controversy.[9][10] In the opening weeks it was reported that up to 20,000 vehicles a day were not being recorded correctly,[9] with some fleet and car-hire operators claiming up to 100 mis-directed fines per day.[11] While the NRA initially stated that such issues affected only a small proportion of eToll users,[12] Sanef ITS Operations Ireland has since acknowledged issues with incorrect toll charges for a "significant minority".[10]

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