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Edward Gaming (previously stylized as EDward Gaming; abbreviated EDG) is a professional esports organization in China. Its League of Legends team competes in the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) and plays games in the Shanghai Electric Industrial Park in Shanghai. The team was formed by members of World Elite in spring 2014 after they left the team.[1] EDG won the 2015 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational.

Edward Gaming
Edward Gaming logo.png
Short nameEDG


FoundedSeptember 2013 (2013-09)
February 7, 2014
(LoL division)
LeagueLeague of Legends Pro League (LPL)
Based inGuangzhou; Shanghai
ArenaHongkou Football Stadium
Championships2015 Mid-Season Invitational



EDward Gaming first entered the professional League of Legends scene in September 2013.[2] EDG secured a spot in the 2014 LPL Spring split by acquiring the slot of LMQ, who had left to compete in the 2014 NA Challenger Series. EDG's first two player acquisitions were U and former Positive Energy AD Carry NaMei. Soon after, they acquired former World Elite players ClearLove and fzzf as their jungler and support, as well as Koro1 as their top laner.


On February 7 EDward Gaming acquired the slot of LMQ and attend 2014 LPL Spring.[3] On February 10 Jie (now U) and NaMei joined.[4][5] On February 12 Koro1, ClearLove, Fzzf, Fireloli, At and Cttflame joined the team.[6]

On April 29 EDG got 1st Place at International Esports Tournament 2014 in Yiwu, Zhejiang.[7]

EDG gained a reputation as a 'super team', and quickly lived up to expectations, emerging as the champions in the LPL Spring split on May 25.

They continued this performance in the 2014 LPL Summer, earning first place in both the regular season and playoffs. In the finals of the playoffs on August 24 they defeated OMG. In addition to their LPL success, EDG also found success in other events, finishing top 2 at every major tournament they competed in. They also won the Chinese 2014 Season China Regional Finals, securing the #1 seed in China for the 2014 Season World Championship. However, EDG underperformed at the World Championship. The team tied for 2nd in their group with ahq e-Sports Club, and ended up losing to fellow Chinese team Star Horn Royal Club 3-2 in the first round of playoffs.

On September 7, EDG took first Place at the 2014 Season China Regional Finals. September 12 X Championship Season I. October 26 they got first place at NVIDIA Game Festival 2014. November 2 second Place at National Electronic Sports Tournament 2014. November 11 Deft joins.[8] December 2 PawN joins.[9] They won the 2014 National Electronic Sports Open, defeating LGD Gaming in the finals on December 7. On December 13 they placed first at Demacia Cup Season 2. On December 17 Azure, now known as Meiko, joined the team.[10]

On November 10, Korean AD Carry Deft, who had most recently played for Samsung Galaxy Blue, announced on Twitter that he would be joining EDward Gaming. Deft's signing sparked speculation on the fate of NaMei, as both players were seen as world-class at their position. Eventually, NaMei would leave the team to join Star Horn Royal Club. Less than a month later, EDG announced that they had signed Korean mid laner PawN, a member of the sister team of Deft's.

On December 28, EDG placed first at G-League 2014.


Players posing with medals after winning the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational

January 4, NaMei left the team.[11] On January 15, the day before the beginning of the 2015 LPL Spring split, fzzf announced his retirement.[12] He was replaced temporarily by Mouse, who played with the team at the G-League 2014 Finals, and in the first two weeks of the LPL Spring Split.

On January 16 EDG started a Hearthstone division is with lvxiaobu, yutian and longshi.[13]

Beginning with week 3 of the split, Meiko became the team's support. April 26, Reapered joins as a coach. EDG finished first place in the 2015 LPL Spring Playoffs. They defeating LGD 3–2 in the finals, where Deft had a pentakill.[14] EDG's LPL Spring title qualified them for the inaugural Mid-Season Invitational.

EDward Gaming beat SK Telecom T1 in the finals of the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational to win that tournament.[15]

In 2015 League of Legends World Championship, EDG lost the Quarter Final LCS EU team Fnatic 0:3.[16]


In January 2016, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Division was established.

In January 2016, in the "GHL2015 Storm Hero Gold Finals", EDG lost to the eStar team in 2:4 and won the runner-up. In June 2016, EDG E-sports Club officially announced the suspension of the Storm Hero Project.[17]

On April 23, 2016, in the LPL Spring Seasons Finals, EDG lost to RNG with a 1:3 score and finished runner-up.[18][19]

On August 7, 2016, in the LPL Summer Regular season, the promotion was directly promoted to the playoffs.[20] Eventually in the LPL Summer Seasons Finals, the RNG won the championship 3-0 and won the seed seat of the 2016 League of Legends Global Finals.[21]

In the 2016 Global Finals group match, the EDG team defeated the AHQ team and entered the quarterfinals as the second team.[22] On October 16, 2016, in the S6 quarter-final in the United States, EDG regretted losing to the ROX Tigers from South Korea with a 1:3 score and stopped the quarterfinals.[23] In the Demasia Cup finals held in December 2016, in the semi-finals, the EDG team defeated the RNG team 3:1 and advanced to the finals. In the final, the EDG team defeated the IM team 3-0 and won the championship, creating a record of five consecutive championships.[24]


In April 2017, EDG lost to the RNG team 1:3 in the LPL Spring Playoffs semi-final, followed by the 3:2 victory over the OMG team in the third place.[25] In the LPL Summer Games, the EDG team defeated the IG team in the playoffs in the second round of the playoffs to advance to the finals. In the final, the two teams defeated the RNG team to win the fifth LPL league title and won the S7 League of Legends. In the finals, the EDG team was eliminated in the 2017 World Finals group match with 2 wins and 4 losses.[26]

In 2017, the club officially established the EDG.M mobile e-sports division, and acquired the original 2016 WGC Classic champion BEST team. In the Kings Glory Champions Cup in the quarter-finals, 2:4 lost to the QG team to stop the quarterfinals. In August of the same year, the RNG.M team won the championship in the 2017QGC Summer Final.[27]

In July 2017, EDG E-sports Club and TYLOO E-sports Club officially reached a strategic cooperation, and will jointly prepare for the youth training and educational system of the CSGO project.[28] In November of the same year, he again cooperated with TYLOO E-sports Club to establish the “Jesus Survival” project branch.[29]

On October 31, 2017, EDG E-sports Club and Lyon E-sports Club reached a strategic cooperation to jointly establish the Lyon (China) EDG E-sports Club to compete in the FIFA Online 3 E-sports Professional League.[30]


On January 7, 2018, in the Demacia Cup Winter Games, the EDG team won the championship with a 3:1 victory over the Snake Esports .[31]

In the 2018 LPL Spring Tournament, EDG advanced to the playoffs with the group's first result, defeated the RW team in the playoffs, and then lost to the RNG team in the final to win the runner-up.[32]

On May 4, 2018, EDG E-sports Club announced the completion of nearly RMB 100 million Pre-A round of financing, and the joint lead investor is the China Idol Entertainment Industry Fund, which is dominated by Capital and CIC Zhongcai.[33]


Nat. ID Name Role
  Ray Jeon Ji-won Top Laner
  Clearlove Ming Kai Jungler
  Haro Chen Wen-Lin Jungler
  Scout Lee Ye-chan Mid Laner
  Meiko Tian Ye Support
  Mole Li Hao-Yan Top Laner (sub.)
  Hope Wang Jie Bot Laner (sub.)





  • Demacia Cup
    • Winners (5): 2014 Season 2, 2015 Spring, 2015 Summer, 2016 Season, Championship 2017 Season



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