Dzūkian dialect

Dzūkian dialect (Lithuanian: dzūkų tarmė), known in academic works as Southern Aukštaitian dialect (Lithuanian: pietų aukštaičių patarmė), is one of the three main sub-dialects of the Aukštaitian dialect of Lithuanian language. Dzūkian dialect is spoken in Dzūkija, southern Lithuania. Its most distinctive feature is replacing t, d before i, į, y, ie and č, with c and dz (cik) instead of (tik – just, (dzidumas instead of didumas – size, pyn instead of pinti – to braid, sveciai instead of svečiai – guests). Since the region borders Slavic lands, the dialect has many Slavic loanwords and barbarisms.

Map of the dialects of the Lithuanian language (Zinkevičius and Girdenis, 1965)
  Southern Aukštaitian or Dzūkian sub-dialect


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