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Dzūkian dialect

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Map of the dialects of the Lithuanian language (Zinkevičius and Girdenis, 1965)
  Southern Aukštaitian or Dzūkian sub-dialect

Dzūkian dialect, known in academic works as Southern Aukštaitian dialect, is one of the three main sub-dialects of the Aukštaitian dialect of Lithuanian language. Dzūkian dialect is spoken in Dzūkija, southern Lithuania. Its most distinctive feature is replacing t, d before i, į, y, ie and č, with c and dz (cik instead of tik – just, dzidumas instead of didumas – size, pync instead of pinti – to braid, sveciai instead of svečiai – guests). Since the region borders Slavic lands, the dialect has many Slavic loanwords and barbarisms.


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