Dysart, Queensland

Dysart is a town and a locality in the Isaac Region, Queensland, Australia.[2][3] Dysart is a service centre for the nearby Norwich Park coal mine, which closed in 2012, the Saraji coal mine, and the Lake Vermont Coal Mine, as well as grazing properties in the district. Most residents are employed by the coal mines.[citation needed] At the 2016 Census, Dysart had a population of 2,991.[1]

Dysart is located in Queensland
Coordinates22°35′08″S 148°21′03″E / 22.5855°S 148.3508°E / -22.5855; 148.3508Coordinates: 22°35′08″S 148°21′03″E / 22.5855°S 148.3508°E / -22.5855; 148.3508
Population2,991 (2016 census)[1]
 • Density0.79461/km2 (2.0580/sq mi)
Elevation223 m (732 ft)
Area3,764.1 km2 (1,453.3 sq mi)
LGA(s)Isaac Region
State electorate(s)Burdekin
Federal Division(s)Capricornia
Mean max temp Mean min temp Annual rainfall
34 °C
93 °F
10 °C
50 °F
590 mm
23.2 in
Localities around Dysart:
Gemini Mountains
Coppabella Valkyrie
Dysart May Downs
Mount Macarthur


Dysart was established in 1973 to support the Saraji coal mine with the Post Office opening on 8 October 1973.[4] The name Dysart comes from the name of a pastoral run and a parish in the area; it means a retreat for monks and hence solitude in Irish Gaelic.[2]

Prussian explorer Ludwig Leichhardt explored the region in 1845 being the first European to do so. This included climbing to the summit of nearby Campbells Peak and allegedly building a stone cairn there.[5]

At the 2011 census Dysart had a population of 3,003 people.[6]


Rugby league is a popular sport in Dysart. Dysart junior team is named 'Dysart Bulls' with team colours being red, black and white. The senior team is also called 'Dysart Bulls' and has about six home games a year. Junior home team of Matt Sing (24 State of Origin Games for Queensland).

Dysart also has a very popular soccer team, the Dysart Devils.


Dysart State High School has around two hundred students and opened on 25 January 1982.[7] Dysart State School opened on 21 May 1973.[7]

The Isaac Regional Council operates a public library located in Shannon Crescent, Dysart.[8] The Dysart Library opened in 1982.[9]


According to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland in 2011, Dysart had a median rent of $1,200 a week for a house, making it the most expensive in Queensland.[10] In 2012, the median house price in the town was $475,000.[11] The closure of the Norwich Park Mine was expected to bring property prices down.[12] In August 2015, rental price for a three-bedroom home in Dysart starts at $130 a week.[13]


Norwich Park coal mine was located 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) south of the town.[12] Dysart is home to Norwich Park Mines Day, held to increase the public's knowledge of the mining industry. A monument to the coal and rail industry consisting of a large truck and coal wagon is located at the northern entrance to the town.[14]

Norwich Park Mine closed on 11 April 2012, after 32 years of operation.[15] Following its closure, its miners were relocated to Saraji Mine, which is located 26 kilometres (16 mi) north of the town.[12]


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