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Dutch West Indian Americans

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Dutch West Indian Americans or Dutch Antillean Americans are Americans of Dutch Antillean descent. According to the 2010 Census Bureau figures there 54,377 Americans under the category of "Dutch West Indian".

Dutch West Indian Americans
Total population
54,377 (2010 U.S. Census)[1]
Regions with significant populations
New York City, Miami, Texas, Oklahoma[2]
Dutch, Papiamento, Spanish, English

In the 2000 US Census, the number of Americans reported whose origins are in the Dutch West Indian was of 35,359. In this Census (and to difference of the 2010 US Census whose Dutch West Indian ethnics were not mentioned of individual way) a total of 1,970 people affirmed just be of Aruban descent, while only 352 people claimed descent from people of St. Maarten.[3]

Notable peopleEdit


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