Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships

The Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships (in Dutch: NK Tegenwindfietsen, pronounced [ˈteːxənʋɪndˌfitsən]) are the annually open Dutch cycling time trial Championships by storm (not regulated by the Royal Dutch Cycling Union).[1][2] Taking place on the Oosterscheldekering storm barrier the championships are held in Fall or Winter since 2013 and face out on to the North Sea. Competitors must ride the 8.5 km course against the wind on upright single-speed bikes, which are provided by the organization. The championships are announced three days before storm is expected. Since 2014 there is also a team time trial. A total of 200 individual cyclists (2020, 300 cyclists) could participate and 25 teams of four cyclists. Participants start 30 seconds apart from each other and the one with the fastest time wins.[3]

Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships
NK Tegenwindfietsen 2014.JPG
DateFall or Winter; organized ad hoc when a storm is announced
RegionOosterscheldekering, Netherlands
Local name(s)NK Tegenwindfietsen (in Dutch)
DisciplineRoad cycling
Typetime trial
First edition2013 (2013)
First winnerMen's: Bart Brentjens
Women's: Irene Tesink
Most recentMen's: Max de Jong
Women's: Lisa Scheenaard

In 2020 both the male and female reigning champions (from 2018) prolonged their titles.


Year Date Wind force Men time Women time Team time
2013[4] December 15, 2013 5   Bart Brentjens 17m 51sec   Irene Tesink 19m 31sec N/A
2014[2] December 11, 2014 8 SW   Wouter Mesker 18m 06sec   Nathalie Simoens 22m 34sec Wind in de Rug
 Wouter Mesker
 Kaj Hendriks
 Melvin Hekman
 Erik van Lakerveld
16m 30.653sec
2015 October 11, 2015 7   Pico de Jager 19m15s   Mathilde Matthijsse 21m23s[5] Wind in de Rug 18m39s
2016 November 20, 2016 9 (code yellow)   Teun Sweere 22m30s   Mathilde Matthijsse 28m09s Jan de Jonge Fietsen 21m34s
2017 Did not take place, due to the absence of stormy conditions
2018 December 8, 2018 7   Max de Jong 18m16s   Lisa Scheenaard 20m28s[6] Team Nooitstop
2019 Did not take place
2020[7] February 9, 2020 (during Storm Ciara) 8 (code orange)   Max de Jong 20m00s   Lisa Scheenaard 23m08s No team winner — contest stopped early due to overly dangerous conditions|

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