Dutch Catholic Trade Union Federation

The Dutch Catholic Trade Union Federation (Dutch: Nederlands Katholiek Vakverbond, NKV) was a national trade union centre bringing together Catholic trade unions in the Netherlands.

The federation was established in 1925, as the Roman Catholic Workers' Federation. It disbanded in 1941, but was reformed in 1945, as the Catholic Workers' Movement. In 1964, it became the NKV, with nine affiliated trade unions. In 1976, it merged with the Dutch Confederation of Trade Unions, to form the Federation of Dutch Trade Unions, although it was not formally dissolved until 1981.[1]


1925: A. C. de Bruijn
1952: Toon Middelhuis
1964: Jan Mertens


Union Abbreviation Founded Left Reason not affiliated[1] Membership (1964)[2]
Catholic Union of Administrative and Commercial Personnel in Industry ACI 1963 1967 Merged into BHP 8,850
Catholic Union of Agriculture, Food and Tobacco AVG 1968 1981 Merged into VB N/A
Catholic Union of Commercial Employees KBPH 1963 1980 Merged into DIBO 9,537
Catholic Union of Government Personnel KABO 1949 1981 Merged into ABVA-KABO 36,803
Catholic Union of Personnel in Banks, Insurance Companies and Administrative Offices St Christoffel 1963 1974 Transferred to MHP 7,019
Dutch Catholic Union of the Building and Wood Industries KBBH 1972 1981 Merged into BHB N/A
Dutch Catholic Clothing and Textile Workers' Union St Lambertus 1948 1971 Merged into IB-NKV 21,175
Dutch Catholic Diamond Workers' Union
Dutch Catholic Mineworkers' Union St Barbara 1903 1971 Merged into IB-NKV 33,157
Dutch Catholic Non-Commissioned Officers' Association St Martinus 1911 1981 Merged into ACOM 5,906
Dutch Catholic Pharmaceutical Assistants' Union 1918 1,063
Dutch Catholic Printing Union NKGB 1902 1982 Transferred to FNV 15,374
Dutch Catholic Tobacco Workers' Union St Willibrordus 1897 1968 Merged into AVG 4,052
Dutch Catholic Union of Agricultural Workers St Deusdedit 1904 1968 Merged into AVG 21,974
Dutch Catholic Union of Barbers and Hairdressers St Cosmos 1932 1980 Transferred to FNV 2,691
Dutch Catholic Union of Building Workers St Joseph 1917 1971 Merged into KBBH 74,348
Dutch Catholic Union of Factory Workers St Willibrord 1918 1971 Merged into IB-NKV 43,289
Dutch Catholic Union of Commercial Travellers, Agents, and Insurance Inspectors 1916 3,054
Dutch Catholic Union of Foremen and Supervisors KLP 1913 1971 Merged into BHLP 10,002
Dutch Catholic Union of Hotel, Restaurant and Restaurant Employees St Antonius 1911 1968 Merged into AVG 2,114
Dutch Catholic Union of Metalworkers St Eloy 1902 1971 Merged into IB-NKV 57,667
Dutch Catholic Union of Musicians and Artists 1947 91
Dutch Catholic Union of Shop Assistants, Administrative and Insurance Personnel St Franciscus 1909 1963 Split N/A
Dutch Catholic Union of Transport Personnel KBV 1903 1981 Merged into VB 28,853
Dutch Catholic Union of Transport Workers St Bonifacius 1918 1963 Merged into KBV N/A
Dutch Catholic Union of Workers in the Food and Drink Industry St Joris 1949 1968 Merged into AVG 8,123
Dutch Roman Catholic Union of Technicians and Chemical Workers St Bernulphus 1918 1967 Merged into BHP 4,190
Dutch Roman Catholic Union of Woodworkers, Furniture Makers, Wallpaperers, and Related Trades St Antonius van Padua 1920 1971 Merged into KBBH 7,796
Federation of Catholic Dutch Civil Servants and Private Sector Workers in Indonesia 315
General Roman Catholic Civil Servants' Association ARKA 1918 1981 Transferred to CNV
Industrial Workers' Union NKV IB-NKV 1972 1981 Merged into IB N/A
Union of Clerical and Supervisory Staff BHP 1967 1971 Merged into BHLP N/A
Union of Officials, Management and Senior Personnel BHLP 1972 1974 Transferred to MHP N/A


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