Dushihin Formation

The Dushihin Formation is an Early Cretaceous (Aptian) geologic formation in the Övörkhangai Province of Mongolia.[1] The formation preserves fossils of Psittacosaurus mongoliensis and fossil eggs described as Trachoolithus faticanus.

Dushihin Formation
Stratigraphic range: Aptian
125–113 Ma
TypeGeological formation
PrimaryClaystone, conglomerate
Coordinates45°24′N 101°42′E / 45.4°N 101.7°E / 45.4; 101.7Coordinates: 45°24′N 101°42′E / 45.4°N 101.7°E / 45.4; 101.7
Approximate paleocoordinates46°30′N 101°42′E / 46.5°N 101.7°E / 46.5; 101.7
RegionÖvörkhangai Province
Country Mongolia
Dushihin Formation is located in Mongolia
Dushihin Formation
Dushihin Formation (Mongolia)


The formation comprises concretionary, calcareous claystones and concretionary, brown, gray, green, blue, calcareous claystones with large flattened lime concretions. Within 3 metres (9.8 ft) in the formation is a lens of lighter grayish-brown clay with green and blue spots and small lime concretions. In the lens is also an inclusion of blue, pale purple-spotted aleurite. The depositional environment has been interpreted as lacustrine.[2]

Fossil contentEdit

The following fossils were reported from the lacustrine claystones and conglomerates of the formation:[1]

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