Duncan Williams (newspaper executive)

Duncan Williams is a British publisher involved in regional news and sport media. He bought a portfolio of hyper-local newspapers during a period of industry transition,[1] where long established titles were closing down and often selling at rock bottom prices.[2] As rapid readership migrations from print to digital took hold, Williams maintained that "the real value investment is in the brand".[3]

However, critics insist that his controversial acquisition of View From Newspapers,[4] as well as the historic Pulman's Weekly News[5] series has resulted in significant local job losses.

Williams is also known for his work within the faith publishing sector,[6][7] where he was involved in the surprise post-Leveson success of a Christian themed magazine[8] named Sorted gaining a foothold within the mainstream and highly competitive lads' mag marketplace.[9]

Additionally, Sport Newspapers were acquired by Williams who has invested in their transitioning from exclusively print based titles to "real time" digital brands with an expanded global reach gained from social media and gaming platform integration.


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