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Dulari Bibi is a 1933 Hindi/Urdu comedy film. It was directed by Debaki Bose and produced by New Theatres Ltd. Calcutta.[1] A short 3 reel film it centred on the story of Our Wives. The film starred K. L. Saigal, Molina Devi, Mir Jan and the music was composed by R. C. Boral. It was listening to K. L. Saigal in this film that Pahari Sanyal realised the uniqueness of Saigal's voice as heard through the microphone. He found it more effective, "sweeter", as compared to him singing live.[2]

Dulari Bibi
Directed byDebaki Bose
Produced byNew Theatres
StarringK. L. Saigal
Molina Devi
Mir Jan
Music byR. C. Boral
CinematographyNitin Bose
New Theatres
Release date



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