Duko is a village in the Savelugu municipal district of Ghana.[1] In 2015 it had population of about 900 inhabitants.

Location edit

Duko is located 7 km south of Savelugu and 15 km north of Tamale, Ghana, the northern regional capital, on the Tamale-Bolga highway. [1][2] As part of the expansion and upgrading of the Tamale Airport to an international standard, there are plans of creating a road that links the airport to the Tamale-Bolgatanga highway at Duko which is located about 3 km north-east of the airport.

Culture edit

Duko is inhabited primarily by the Dagomba people who speak the Dagbani language.[3] Duko is headed by a chief who is subservient to the Paramount Chief of Savelugu. The incumbent chief of Duko is Naa Mahama Abukari 'Natural'.[citation needed] Duko is noted for 'Duko-Tua', literally Baobab of Duko. It was a large boabab tree believed to accommodate some spiritual creatures who were somewhat friendly to inhabitants of the village and serve as guards to the village. It was also host to a swam of bees which was believe to protect the village against possible attack from its neighbours. The tree was brought down in the year 1993 to pave way for the reconstruction of the Tamale-Bolga Highway.

Education edit

The village has a primary school and a kindergarten. [4][5]

Economy edit

Many inhabitants of Duko are farmers who grow maize and rice. Until recently, farmers in the community were engaged in subsistence farming. [3]

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