Duke of Beja

Duke of Beja (Portuguese: Duque de Beja) was an aristocratic Portuguese title and royal dukedom, associated with the Portuguese Royal House.

The Coat of Arms of the Dukes of Beja.
Personal Coat of Arms of Infante Luis, 5th Duke of Beja.

List of the Dukes of BejaEdit

  1. Infante Fernando, 2nd Duke of Viseu (1433–1470), King Duarte I's third son (second surviving);
  2. Infante João, 3rd Duke of Viseu (1448–1472), Infante Fernando's eldest son;
  3. Infante Diogo, 4th Duke of Viseu (1450–1484), Infante Fernando's second son;
  4. King Manuel I (1469–1521), Infante Fernando's seventh son (third surviving);
  5. Infante Luís, Duke of Beja (1506–1555), King Manuel I's second son of his second marriage; father of King António I;
  6. King Pedro II (1648–1706), King João IV's fourth son (second surviving in 1654);
  7. Infante Francisco, Duke of Beja (1691–1742), King Pedro II's third son (second surviving);
  8. King Pedro III (1717–1786), King João V's fourth son (second surviving in 1742);
  9. King João VI (1767–1826), Queen Maria I's and King Pedro III's third son (second surviving in 1786);
  10. King Miguel I (1802–1866), King João VI's third son (second surviving in 1816);
  11. Infante João, Duke of Beja (1842–1861), Queen Maria II's third son;
  12. King Manuel II (1889–1932), King Carlos I's second son.

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