Dublin Nightmare is a 1958 British thriller film directed by John Pomeroy and starring William Sylvester, Marla Landi and Richard Leech.[1] The film is a low budget quota quickie shot at Twickenham Studios.[2]

Dublin Nightmare
"Dublin Nightmare" (1958).jpg
Directed byCliff Owen
Produced byJon Penington
Written byJohn Tully
Based ona novel by Robin Estridge (as Philip Loraine)
StarringWilliam Sylvester
Marla Landi
Richard Leech
Music byEdwin Astley
CinematographyEric Cross
Edited byJohn Seabourne
Penington Eady Productions
Distributed byJ. Arthur Rank Film Distributors (UK)
Release date
October 1958
Running time
62 mins


Irish nationalists plan to seize a security van to raise money for their movement. A photographer begins to investigate the raid, as one of his friends was murdered during it.


  • William Sylvester ... John Kevin
  • Marla Landi ... Anna Monti
  • Richard Leech ... Steve Lawlor
  • Harry Hutchinson ... Finian
  • William Sherwood ... Edward Dillon
  • Jack Cunningham ... O'Connor
  • Gerald Lawson ... Tramp
  • Helen Lindsay ... Mary O'Callaghan
  • Pat O'Sullivan ... Danny O'Callaghan
  • John McCarthy ... Morgan

Critical receptionEdit

TV Guide called it "a routine crime drama";[3] while Britmovie described it as a "compact b-movie based on the novel by Robin Estridge and effectively directed by John Pomeroy that transposes a Third Man style plot to 1950s Ireland." [4]


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