Drop the Curtain

Drop the Curtain (Spanish: Abajo el telón) is a 1955 Mexican comedy film directed by Miguel M. Delgado and starring Cantinflas, Christiane Martel and Beatriz Saavedra.[1][2][3][4][5] The film's art direction was by Gunther Gerszo.

Drop the Curtain
Directed byMiguel M. Delgado
Written byJaime Salvador
Produced byJacques Gelman
CinematographyVíctor Herrera
Edited byJorge Bustos
Music byFederico Ruiz
Posa Films
Release date
31 August 1955


A man (Cantinflas) who works as a window cleaner in the city is eventually presented with the opportunity to clean the windows of a famous French actress, Lulu Duval (Christiane Martel), who is starring in a musical revue in an important theater. The actress's agent Julián (Alejandro Ciangherotti) steals her most precious jewel, a very valuable necklace, and the window cleaner is unjustly accused because he was cleaning the windows at the time, though the assistant and confidant of the famous actress, Anita (Beatriz Saavedra) believes in his innocence.

The thief negotiates the necklace with the head of a criminal band that strikes the city (Rafael Alcayde). The Police Commissioner (Víctor Alcocer) convinces the window cleaner to serve as a spy against the band in exchange for his freedom. The window cleaner accepts, and is infiltrated as an employee of the theater where the famous actress and her agent are. In the theater, the window cleaner is pursued in many occasions by several members of the band of jewel thieves who want to kill him, because they suspect he works for the police, and theater workers, who chase him for the mischief and difficulties he originates in the work at the theater.



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