Drei Damen vom Grill

Drei Damen vom Grill was a German television series aired from 1976 to 1991 in Germany's public television ARD.

Drei Damen vom Grill
Drei Damen vom Grill.jpg
Created byHeinz Oskar Wuttig [de]
StarringBrigitte Mira
Brigitte Grothum
Gabriele Schramm [de]
Country of originGermany
Original release1976 (1976) –
1991 (1991)

The series was about the Färber family (Margarete, Magda and Margot Färber) running a snack bar in West Berlin. Since the show not only depicts their work but was also received as a picture from the divided city of Berlin, Drei Damen vom Grill was discontinued shortly after German Reunification.

The series played in Australia for many years on Special Broadcasting Service Television, titled as "Three Ladies And Their Hot Dog Stand". Shows were in the original German but with subtitles in English.[1]


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