Dreams of Sanity

Dreams of Sanity was a gothic metal band from Austria. Founded in 1991, they released three full-length albums, before disbanding in 2002.

Dreams of Sanity
OriginInnsbruck, Austria
GenresGothic metal, progressive metal
Years active1991 (1991)–2002
LabelsHall of Sermon
MembersMichael Knoflach
Christian K. Marx
Andreas Wildauer
Sandra Schleret
Patrick Schrittwieser
Florian Steiner
Past membersSee below


After forming in 1991, Dreams of Sanity released two demos in 1994 and 1996. They toured Europe late in 1996[1] before releasing their proper debut in 1997, which was inspired by The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri.[2] Two further full-lengths were issued by the band, the first based upon Phantom of the Opera and the second exploring the concept of life as a game.[3] The group went through a series of lineup changes around the recording of the third album.[4] Following this they were dropped by their label Hall of Sermon; the group broke up in 2002.





  • (1999) Blade of Doom (Live in Mexico)
  • (1999) The Maiden and the River (Live in Mexico)
  • (1999) Treesitter (Live in Mexico)


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