Drakkar Productions

Drakkar Productions is a French record label that has released many recordings of black metal bands throughout the world, on CD, cassette and vinyl. They have usually limited the prints to 1,000 copies or less, but some have been known to vary. The label is now notorious for its Les Légions Noires releases, as well as other black metal bands that are known throughout the world.

Drakkar Productions
GenreBlack metal
Dark ambient
Death metal
Country of originFrance


Drakkar Productions started out in 1994 when Noktu, a friend of Meyhna'ch, offered to release some Mütiilation material, along with some other Les Légions Noires stuff. This was because no one else would release their material at the time, and the bands felt they wanted some official releases. Noktu soon after released his own band's material, Celestia, and followed by other acts.


Active RosterEdit

Past rosterEdit


DK (cassettes)Edit

Cat. Num. Band Release Year
DK001 Anaon Tenvalijeen 1996
DK002 Seth Apocalyptic Desires 1996
DK003 Celestia Evanescence 1997
DK004 Machiavel Blood, Honor and...Victory 1996
DK005 Funeral Moon Silent Night of the Fullmoon Shine
DK006 Obscure Demon Crossroad to Hell
DK007 Holocaust Our Kingdom 1997
DK008 Asmodee Aequilanx 1997
DK009 Sabnack Nefandus Pactum 1997
DK010 Yamatu Ishkur Egishnugal 1998
DK011 Hirilorn/Merrimack Split 1998
DK012 Evil The Revenge of Iron and Thunder 1998
DK013 Celestia A Dying Out Ecstasy 1998
DK014 Malveliance Eternal Domination 1999
DK015 Count Nosferatu Soleil Noire 1998
DK016 Helwetti Unholy Extreme Black 1999
DK017 Garwall Inhumana Crudelias 1999
DK018 Celestia Under the Reign of Terror and Tyranny 1999
DK019 Demon Realm ...Of Chaos Damnation and War 1999
DK020 Deathspell Omega Disciples of the Ultimate Void 1999
DK021 Grimlord Thought the Hatred of Life 1999
DK022 Nuit Noire Once Upon the Night 2000
DK023 Perun The Wolflegions
DK024 Amaka Hahina Demetria
DK025 Fornication Sodomize Human Race 2001
DK026 ThyLord The Earth Last Breath 2001
DK027 Alcest Tristesse Hivernale 2001
DK028 Slavia Gloria in Exelcis Sathan 2001
DK029 Celestia Dead Insectra Sequestration 2001
DK030 Storm Legion Statement... 2001
DK031 Animus Herilis Mater Tenebrarum 2002
DK032 Grima Morstua Essence of Demon's Fire 2003
DK033 Imago Mortis Mors Triumphalis
DK034 Peste Noire Macabre Transcendance 2002
DK035 Nuit Noire Black Form 2002
DK036 Nuit Noire Somewhere in the Night Past 2002
DK037 Goatreich 666 Necro Sarcofagus Insanis 2002
DK038 Hiver Noir Lethal Being's Musik 2005
DK039 Interfektor Symphonie Des Grauens 2005
DK040 Sick Filth and Ugliness 2005
DK041 Anxiety Autumn 2004 2005
DK042 Anxiety The Holocaust Anthem 2005
DK043 Vassafor Demo I 2005
DK044 Vassafor Demo II 2005
DK045 Interfektor Fullmoon Antiquity 2005
DK046 Blood Red Fog Demo I 2005
DK047 Empty Eternal Cycle of Decay 2006
DK048 Empty A Source of Hollow Essence 2006
DK049 Empty A Last Breath of my Mortal Despair 2006
DK050 Blacksstorm/Pagan Assault Cruce Signati 2006
DK051 Caïna The King Beneath 2006
DK052 Caïna The Cold Taste of Perdition 2006
DK053 Hiver Noir From the Dead Times of Depression 2006
DK054 Svartrig Fimbulvtre 2006
DK055 Dyster Fallen, Suicided & Forgotten 2006
DK056 Scorn The Midnight Funeral 2007
DK057 Svartfell Beyond the Realms of Death 2007
DK058 Svartfell The Sentence of Satan 2007
DK059 Samayoi Mournfulness 2007
DK060 Cendres Ungeziefer 2007

DKCD (Compact Discs)Edit

Cat. Num. Band Release Year
DKCD001 Mütiilation Vampires of Black Imperial Blood 1995
DKCD002 Vlad Tepes/Torgeist Black Legions Metal 1996
DKCD003 Nahash Wellone Aeternitas 1996
DKCD004 Anaon Les Rites de Cromlech 1997
DKCD005 Hirilorn Legends of Evil and Eternal Death 1998
DKCD006 Celestia A Cave Full of Bats 1999
DKCD007 Warloghe The First Possession 1999
DKCD008 Mütiilation Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul 1999
DKCD009 Decayed The Book of Darkness 1999
DKCD010 Various Artists The Return Of Darkness & Hate 2000
DKCD011 Tsjuder Kill for Satan 2000
DKCD012 Watain Rabid Death's Curse 2000
DKCD013 Impiety Skullfucking Armageddon 2000
DKCD014 Mütiilation Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn) 2001
DKCD015 Decayed Nockthurnaal 2001
DKCD016 Unpure Trinity in Black 2001
DKCD017 Grand Belial's Key Judeobeast Assassination 2001
DKCD018 Vermeth Your Ruin 2001
DKCD019 Abigail Welcome all Hellfuckers 2001
DKCD020 Sathanas Cruentos Diabolos
DKCD021 Seeds of Hate Persecution of Christian Filth 2002
DKCD022 Atomizer Death, Mutation, Disease, Annihilation 2002
DKCD023 Arghoslent Incorrigible Bigotry 2002
DKCD024 Tsjuder Demonic Possession 2002
DKCD025 Primigenium Intolerance 2002
DKCD026 Amaka Hahina Aheah Saergathan! 2002
DKCD027 Decayed The Beast has Risen 2003
DKCD028 Altar of Perversion From Dead Temples 2003
DKCD029 Anwyl Postmortem Apocalypse 2003
DKCD030 Armagedda Only True Believers 2003
DKCD031 Abigail Forever Street Metal Bitch 2003
DKCD032 Watain Casus Luciferi 2003
DKCD033 Lucifugum Stigma Egoism 2004
DKCD034 Blackdeath Satan Macht Frei 2004
DKCD035 Alcest Le Secret 2005
DKCD036 Vrolok Soul Amputation 2005
DKCD037 Black Funeral Vampyr - Throne of the Beast 2005
DKCD038 Grand Belial's Key Kosherat 2005
DKCD039 Imago Mortis Una Foresta Dimenticata 2006
DKCD040 Grima Morstua Illustratio per Horribilem Obscuritatem 2007
DKCD041 Myrkr Offspring of Gathered Foulness 2007
DKCD042 Decayed/Thugnor Split 2007
DKCD043 Abigail The Early Black Years (1992-1995) 2006
DKCD044 Grand Belial's Key Mocking the Philanthropist 2006
DKCD045 Loits Ei Kahetse Midagi 2009
DKCD046 Mantak Sabbahel Blasphemer 2007
DKCD047 Arghoslent 1990-1994: The First Three Demos 2008
DKCD048 Arghoslent Galloping Through The Battle Ruins 2007 & 2015
DKCD049 Arghoslent Hornets Of The Pogrom 2008
DKCD050 Vrolok Void (The Divine Abortion) 2007
DKCD051 Torgeist Devoted To Satan 2008
DKCD052 Torgeist Time Of Sabbath 2008
DKCD053 Arghoslent/Martial Barrage Send Forth the Best Ye Breed 2009
DKCD054 Obscuro Where Obscurity Dwells 2007
DKCD055 Slavia Strength and vision 2007
DKCD056 Nidsang The Mark of Death 2007
DKCD057 Arcanus Tenebrae Odium In Homines 2008
DKCD058 Imago Mortis Mors Triumphalis 2007
DKCD059 Vermeth Suicide Or Be Killed! 2008
DKCD060 Arcanus Tenebrae Summa Essentia Obscura 2009

DKLP (Vinyl LPs)Edit

Cat. Num. Band Release Year
DKLP000 Arghoslent Incorrigible Bigotry 2002
DKLP001 Tsjuder Demonic Possession 2002
DKLP002 Primigenium Intolerance 2002
DKLP003 Torgeist Devoted to Satan 2003
DKLP004 Torgeist Time of Sabbath 2003
DKLP005 Grand Belial's Key Kosherat 2005
DKLP006 Myrkr Offspring of Gathered Foulness 2005
DKLP007 Tsjuder Kill for Satan
DKLP008 Anwyl Postmortem Apocalypse 2005
DKLP009 Vlad Tepes/Torgeist Black Legions Metal 2004

DKMLP (10" Vinyl "Mini LP")Edit

Cat. Num. Band Release Year
DKMLP001 Abigail/Morbid Upheaval Split 2006

DKEP (7" Vinyl EPs)Edit

Cat. Num. Band Release Year
DKEP001 Celestia Evoking Grace and Splendour 2001
DKEP002 Decayed Satanic Blast 2002
DKEP003 Corpus Christii Master of... 2002
DKEP004 Nuit Noire Luttina 2002
DKEP005 Slavia Norwegian Black Terror Assault 2005
DKEP006 Nunslaughter Hell on France 2005
DKEP007 Grima Morstua Repulsive Sounds of Satanic Worship 2005
DKEP008 Goatreich 666 Funeral of Nameless Angels 2005
DKEP009 Grand Belial's Key On a Mule Rides the Swindler 2005
DKEP010 Vassafor Southern Vassaforian Hell 2006
DKEP011 Nidsang Streams Of Darkness 2008
DKEP012 Sorts Sorts 2011
DKEP013 Arcanus Tenebrae Abyssum Invocare 2011
DKEP014 Diamatregon ...To Death 2012
DKEP015 Mefitic Columns Of Subsidence 2012
DKEP016 Imago Mortis Sgàbula 2012
DKEP017 Loits Raiugem Ruunideks 2013


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