Dragsmark Abbey (Swedish: Dragsmarks kloster) was a Premonstratensian canonry in Båhuslen, formerly Norway, now Bohuslän, Sweden.

Dragsmark Abbey
Dragsmarks kloster, den 14 juli 2006, bild 10.JPG
Dragsmark Abbey ruins: entrance to church
Dragsmark Abbey is located in Västra Götaland
Dragsmark Abbey
Location within Västra Götaland
Monastery information
Establishedbefore 1260
Founder(s)Håkon Håkonsson
LocationBohuslän, Sweden
Coordinates58°15′6.78″N 11°33′4.51″E / 58.2518833°N 11.5512528°E / 58.2518833; 11.5512528Coordinates: 58°15′6.78″N 11°33′4.51″E / 58.2518833°N 11.5512528°E / 58.2518833; 11.5512528


The monastery at Dragsmark, also known as "Marieskog" in Norwegian,[1] was founded some time before 1260,[2] with the support of King Håkon Håkonsson, and was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The abbey was very wealthy in its heyday and ran a prestigious school, but declined during the 15th century, and as early as 1519 was in the control of a lay administrator, the first monastery in Norway to be secularised. With the Reformation the Crown granted it to a tenant in 1532, with a condition that the remaining canons had to be maintained. The buildings fell into disrepair, and in 1610 were used as a quarry for stone for the construction of Båhus Fortress.


Dragsmark Abbey ruins: chapter house

The monastery ruins are on the west of Bokenäset on the fjord between Uddevalla and the sea, north of the island of Orust.

In 1897-98 the ruins were investigated. The church measured about 20 metres by 10 metres, with the conventual buildings to the south, but only two chambers nearest the church have been explored, probably the sacristy and the chapter house. There are traces of other buildings further to the south, and to the west the remains of another building, the relation of which to the rest of the site is not clear.


  1. ^ or Mariae Silva in Latin, because of the originally wooded site
  2. ^ possibly in 1234



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