Dragoljub Ljubičić

Dragoljub "Mićko" Ljubičić (Serbian: Драгољуб "Мићко" Љубичић; born 3 January 1962) is a Serbian actor, humorist, and comedian, best known for his involvement with Indexovo radio pozorište, Pozovi M... ili će on tebe and PLjiŽ.

Dragoljub Ljubičić
Драгољуб Љубичић
Mićko Ljubičić 2019..jpg
Dragoljub Mićko Ljubičić in September 2019
Born (1962-01-03) 3 January 1962 (age 59)
Alma materUniversity of Belgrade
OccupationActor, comedian
Years active1982–present

Index's Radio TheatreEdit

Sometimes billed as Dragoljub S. Ljubičić Mićko, he studied law at the University of Belgrade but left in his third year without graduating, being simultaneously involved with music and radio advertising.

In 1984 he joined Indexovo radio pozorište[1] (Index's Radio Theatre), a popular Serbian radio programme that eventually grew into a theatrical group. There he began as an actor, but soon became a co-writer with Vojislav Žanetić, with whom he wrote five original theater plays: Istočno od Rajha (1991), Tamo daleko je sunce (1992), Brat I mir (1994), Svet ili ništa (1995) and Oproštajni koncert (1999). All of them were hugely popular and played hundreds of times, establishing both Ljubičić and Žanetić as a pair who could combine hilarious comedy with bitter satire.


In 1985, with a couple of talented friends (Vlada Petrović, Jasminka Petrović, and Dado Pejoski), Ljubičić co-founded and became the creative director of TIM TALENATA Advertising Agency, which still exists and operates as a "creative boutique", best known for its creativity in Radio and TV commercials. Those radio ads bring them many festival awards through the years, both locally and regionally, and even won the Finalist Award in the New York Festivals, in the 1990s. As a result, Ljubičić himself received the UEPS Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015, and the same year got the Award for Significant Creative Contribution in radio advertising, being one of the first three authors to enter the newly founded "Legendarium" for accomplished creative individuals. The other two were Slavimir Stojanović (for print) and Jaka Judnič (for TV).


Ljubičić wrote two very popular books: Nacionalni park Srbija ("Serbia - The National Park" Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 in 1999 and 2007 respectively). The first one was a bestseller and a sensational hit among those speaking Serbian language, for its sharp humor and strong satire, aided by exceptional illustrations of Dobrosav Zivkovic. The second one is known for its CD containing Audio interviews with several hilarious characters from the book, especially one, the clerk on the counter called "Mica Ubica" (can be translated as "Mrs. Miller the Killer"). Both books were published by "Kreativni centar", publishing house from Belgrade.


In 1994 Ljubičić appeared in director Želimir Žilnik's semi-documentary film Tito, po drugi put među Srbima ("Tito, Among the Serbs For the Second Time", 1994. He played the role of Josip Broz Tito, who returns from the dead to a Serbia that is ruled by Slobodan Milošević, and talks (improvises) with random people on the streets of Belgrade about their current grievances. He provides the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Serbian dub Toy Story franchise.[2]


From 1982 until 1985 Ljubičić played in two bands: Petar i zli vuci and Kapetan Belkanto.

His first music CD, called Truba... i druge priče (The trumpet... and the other stories), of which he was the author of all but one songs and lyrics, was released in 2005. but cannot be easily found today, except on his official YouTube channel, "Micko Ljubicic". The channel also contains the music from his second collection of music art Isto nebo, drugi grad ("Same Sky, Different City"), never published as CD except on YouTube. More multimedia works from the same author can be found there, along with a number of TV interviews.


On May 27, 2011. Ljubičić had a premiere of his one-man-show, the cabaret-monodrama ONE STVARI ("THOSE Things"), based on a play by Bernhard Ludwig, Austrian sexual therapist. Ljubičić did a major adaptation of the basic text, composed several original songs and made up the character Dr Agoljub, wordplay based on his surname. The public response was extremely positive, and after a two-year tour, he continued performing One stvari sporadically.

On September 30, 2016 he premiered Danas nam je divno DNO ("Today Is The Lowlife Day"),[3] another theatre play written in collaboration with Voja Žanetić. It is again a strong satire, combined with hilarious comedy. It is still playing, and is constantly sold out.

TV showsEdit

In 2007 he had his first TV show on TV B92 called Pozovi M... ili će on tebe ("Dial M... Or He Will Dial You"), which consisted of 25 episodes, and still is very popular on YouTube. The concept of making a TV show consist of prank calls is not new, but this was done for the first time in a form that was not rude. M is just sitting in front of the cameras and talking to anonymous people about the things they put in their ads. It's witty and funny, but never goes too far and never reveals the identity of a person on the other side.

On March 31, 2015, he started hosting his second TV show, written with Voja Žanetić, Lekoviti show ("The Medicine Show"), which consisted of 12 episodes and which aired on TV B92. It is also available on YouTube.[4] At the time of airing, it had problems reaching enough audience, mainly because TV B92 didn't do its homework, promoting it poorly. Some said that it happened because one of the repeating characters was at that time Prime Minister Vučić (later to become President of Serbia).


During 2017, Ljubičić was asked to create a new weekly talk show on United Group's cable info-service TV N1, so he gathered again with Voja Žanetić and also with Dragoljub Draža Petrović (Editor-in-Chief of the daily newspaper DANAS, and popular columnist) and spent some time trying to establish a fresh concept. A few months and a few pilots later, the first episode of the new show called PLjiŽ (acronym for Petrović/Ljubičić/Žanetić) aired on April 20.[5] It became very popular both among targeted audience, and beyond. The first season consisted of 10 episodes, ending on June 22, 2018. The second season began on October 5 and had 13 episodes. The third season lasted for 12 episodes, from March 29 till June 14, 2019. The fourth season had 13 episodes. It started on October 4, 2019. and lasted until December 31.

The whole series can be found as PLjiŽ Playlist on YouTube on Mićko Ljubičić Official Channel

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