Dragolj Code

Dragolj Code or Miscellany by Dragolj (Zbornik popa Dragolja) is a 1259 Serbian Orthodox manuscript by Serbian priest Dragolj (Presbyter Vasilije). It is written in the Old Serbian with characteristics of Zeta and Hum dialects. The code contains the "Adaptation of Kozma`s Sermon against Bogomils".[1][2]

Dragolj Code
LocationNational library of Serbia

It was found in 1875 by a P. Srećković in a Serbian village in Albania kept by seventeen generations of the Serbian Orthodox priests from the same family. In 1902, the manuscript was obtained by the Ministry of Education for the National Library of Serbia. It disappeared during evacuation and retreat of the Serbian Army in the World War I in 1915. It was returned with the 13th-century Belgrade Prophetologion to the National Library after being purchased from the Federal Republic of Germany in 1969.

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