Dr. Chud's X-Ward

Dr. Chud's X-Ward is an American horror punk band, formed in 2003 after Dr. Chud folded his other band Graves. Their first album, Diagnosis for Death, was released in 2004 on Dr. Chud's own Bloodwork Records label. The first 1,000 copies of the album were limited edition and were signed, numbered and came with a free vinyl sticker. In 2005, it was released on purple vinyl. Only 1,250 copies were released. Every Halloween, the band goes on tour.

Dr. Chud's X-Ward
OriginLodi, New Jersey, U.S.
GenresHorror punk, heavy metal
Years active2003–present
MembersDr. Chud
The Murp
Sal Bee
Past membersMDFE
Dr. Goolsby
Rebeckah Nurse
Robby Bloodshed
John Glancy
Chad Springfield
Dr. Placebo
Thommy Price
Mark Danger


Current line-up as of October 2019Edit

  • Dr. Chud – vocals
  • The Fish – guitar
  • Al X – drums
  • Sal Bee – bass

Past tour membersEdit

  • Dr. Placebo – drums
  • The Murp – drums
  • Robby Bloodshed – guitar
  • Argyle Goolsby – bass
  • Sal Bee – bass
  • Mark Danger – bass
  • Rebeckah Nurse – guitar
  • Fish – guitar
  • Voodoo Quiz – guitar
  • MDFE – guitar
  • Alx – drums
  • Matt Bergman – bass
  • John Glancy – guitar
  • Chad Springfield – drums
  • Nurse Knollwood – guitar


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