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Douglas (or Doug) Malewicki is an American aerospace engineer and inventor of Polish descent. Many of his inventions concern flying vehicles, but the range is quite diverse.[1] He is also the concept creator and inventor of Skytran PRT (Personal Rapid Transit). [2]


Green vehiclesEdit

Douglas spent the past 25 years advancing the Skytran concept: ultra-light computer-controlled cars hanging below aluminum Maglev (magnetic levitation) tracks that could be supported above roads just by utility poles or the sides of buildings. Skytran basically combines maglev (which allows high speeds) and a hanging design (more stable; smaller tracks) with the 1960s idea of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) -- cars individual commuters take directly to their destination (hence "Personal"), but computer-driven and available to others after they exit (hence "Transit"). Another key PRT idea Skytran follows is exiting the main track for boarding; so the cars behind don't need to wait as they do with mass transit vehicles. [3] His ideas have inspired other variations on PRT, and speculation about the social effects of high-speed computer-controlled transport. [4] [5]

Douglas developed the 157 and 156-miles-per-gallon "California Commuter" cars that hold the Guinness fuel economy records for street-legal vehicles driven at freeway speeds—an example of green vehicles.[6]

He studied and developed various engineering solutions for Highly-aerodynamic Human-powered vehicles such as Recumbent bicycles.[7]

Other vehiclesEdit

Douglas developed the following vehicles and rides:

Other inventions and innovationsEdit

Douglas was also involved in the development and invention of the following:

Doug Malewicki designed the Nuclear War card game, and had been selling it independently starting in 1965.[13] Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo, for whom the game was a casual influence on his own Nuclear Destruction PBM, found that people were confusing the two games, so after some hard work tracking Malewicki down, he added the game to his own catalogue and started publishing Nuclear War through Flying Buffalo in 1972.[13] Expansions included "Nuclear Proliferation", "Nuclear Escalation", and "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

An aeronautical engineer by training,[14][15] Malewicki spent much of his career working for American aeronautics and space companies: the Apollo program moon landing vehicles, the Stealth bomber, and Cessna aircraft including their first private jet airplane. He was a model rocket enthusiast, becoming famous early in his career for the Malewicki Equations that predicted the altitude and coast time of a model rocket flight.

According to Malewicki's daughter, he was the inspiration for the original one eyed monster, called Mike on Peewee's Playhouse TV show, and later to become the inspiration for Mike Wazowski drawn by Ricky Nierva in Monsters, Inc..[16] A copy of the game plans in which he drew the first image of this alien is distributed free.

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