Dotty Dripple

Dotty Dripple was an American gag-a-day comic strip, originally started by Jeff Keate & Jim McMenamy on June 26, 1944, but was taken over by Buford Tune on October 16, and continued for the next thirty years.[1] The strip was distributed by Publishers Syndicate and also appeared in comic book form.

Dotty Dripple
Author(s)Jeff Keate (1944 only)
Buford Tune (1944–1974)
Illustrator(s)Jim McMenamy (1944 only)
Current status/scheduleConcluded
Launch dateJune 26, 1944
End dateJune 9, 1974
Syndicate(s)Publishers Syndicate (1944–1967)
Publishers-Hall Syndicate (1967–1974)

Dotty Dripple was a domestic comedy strip, heavily modeled on Blondie, and ended on June 9, 1974.[2][3][4]


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