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Dorsum Zirkel is on the top right of the photo
Oblique view of Dorsum Zirkel from Apollo 15, taken at a low sun angle

Dorsum Zirkel is a wrinkle ridge at 29°36′N 24°48′W / 29.6°N 24.8°W / 29.6; -24.8 northeast of Mons La Hire in Mare Imbrium on the Moon. It is 193 km long and was named after German geologist Ferdinand Zirkel in 1976.[1][2]

Two small craters, La Hire A and B, lie on either side of the dorsum. The large crater Lambert is to the southeast, and the smaller McDonald is to the northeast.


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Coordinates: 29°36′N 24°48′W / 29.6°N 24.8°W / 29.6; -24.8