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Dorsal nerve of the clitoris

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The dorsal nerve of the clitoris is a nerve in females that branches off the pudendal nerve to innervate the clitoris.

Dorsal nerve of clitoris
McKay 1909 3.png
1, Suspensory ligaments of clitoris; 2, glans clitoridis; 3, posterior superficial perineal nerve; 4, fascia lata; 5, inferior pudendal nerve; 6, sphincter vaginac muscle; 7, erector clitoridis muscle; 8, superficial perineal artery; 9, transverse perineal artery; 10, obturator fascia; 1 1, anterior superficial perineal nerve; 12, anal fascia; 13, deep layer of superficial fascia; 14, external sphincter ani muscle; 15, dorsal nerve of clitoris; 16, internal pudic artery; 17, perineal
Frompudendal nerve
Latinnervus dorsalis clitoridis
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The dorsal nerve of the clitoris is analogous to the dorsal nerve of the penis in males. It is a terminal branch of the pudendal nerve.

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