Dors, mon amour

"Dors, mon amour" ("Sleep, My Love") was the winning song in the Eurovision Song Contest 1958. Performed in French by André Claveau representing France, the song was the first entry sung by a male soloist to win the contest.

France "Dors, mon amour"
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The song was performed third on the night (following the Netherlands' Corry Brokken with "Heel de wereld" and preceding Luxembourg's Solange Berry with "Un grand amour"). By the close of voting, it had received 27 points, placing it first in a field of ten entries.

The song is something of a lullaby by the singer to his lover. He tells her to sleep, while he muses on their love and the power of the night.

The song was succeeded as French representative at the 1959 contest by "Oui, oui, oui, oui", sung by Jean Philippe. It was succeeded as contest winner in 1959 by "Een beetje", sung by Teddy Scholten representing the Netherlands.


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Preceded by
"Net als toen" by Corry Brokken
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Succeeded by
"Een beetje" by Teddy Scholten