Donington Grand Prix

The Donington Grand Prix was a Grand Prix motor race held at the Donington Park circuit in Leicestershire, England, from 1935 to 1938.

Donington Grand Prix
Donigton Park
Donington Park 1937.svg
Race information
Number of times held4
First held1935
Last held1938
Most wins (constructors)Italy Alfa Romeo (2)
Germany Auto Union (2)
Circuit length5 km (3.125 mi)
Race length400 km (250 mi)
Last race (1938)
Pole position
Fastest lap

The Donington Grand Prix was held just four times, but quickly rose to prominence as one of the most important races in Europe.[1] A fifth race was planned for 1939 but was cancelled due to the start of World War II.


Year Driver Constructor Report
1935   Richard Shuttleworth Alfa Romeo Report
1936   Hans Rüesch
  Richard Seaman
Alfa Romeo Report
1937   Bernd Rosemeyer Auto Union Report
1938   Tazio Nuvolari Auto Union Report
1939 Race cancelled due to World War II


Although not considered an official British Grand Prix, the Donington Grand Prix is widely regarded as being on a similar level of importance. It was the only major international Grand Prix held in the United Kingdom during the 1930s, and paved the way for the United Kingdom's rise to international prominence in Grand Prix Racing after the second World War.[1]

Although the circuit at Donington Park was closed in 1939 due to World War II, when it was requisitioned by the Ministry of Defence and was converted into a military vehicle depot,[2] it would reopen in 1977, and top level Grand Prix racing would return for the one-off 1993 European Grand Prix.


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