Dong Re Lao Mountain

Dong Re Lao Mountain is located at 16°18′14″N 107°14′52″E / 16.3038°N 107.2479°E / 16.3038; 107.2479Coordinates: 16°18′14″N 107°14′52″E / 16.3038°N 107.2479°E / 16.3038; 107.2479 in the A Shau Valley, Vietnam, near the Laotian border. It is densely forested and rises to 4,879 feet (1,487 m), just north of A Luoi, a former French airfield.

April 24, 1968. American Long Range Patrol soldiers on Dong Re Lao Mountain, which they dubbed Signal Hill, scanning for North Vietnamese vehicles in A Shau Valley below.

In April 1968, during the Vietnam War, the mountain was the site of an intense battle between members of the American 1st Cavalry Division, long-range reconnaissance patrol troops, and the North Vietnamese Army.[1] The mountain was dubbed "Signal Hill" by headquarters as it served as the lone radio relay site for American forces fighting in the valley during Operation Delaware.[2]

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