Doncols (Luxembourgish: Donkels, German: Donkols) is a village in the commune of Winseler, in north-western Luxembourg.

Church in Doncols


As of 2001, the village has a population of 221.

Historical and linguistic backgroundsEdit

Doncols is known as an historically Walloon-speaking village, similarly to Sonlez.[citation needed] A. Atten's 'Li leu d' Doncô' is considered the sole instance of a Walloon language text to have been written by a Grand Ducal national. (See the 'External link', below.)

Even by Luxembourg's trilingual standards, the village is noted for the number of different spellings of its name in various languages. Doncols is its spelling in French, Donkols in German, Donkels in Luxembourgish, and Doncô in Walloon.

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Coordinates: 49°58′N 5°50′E / 49.967°N 5.833°E / 49.967; 5.833