Don Trachte

Donald Trachte (May 21, 1915 – May 4, 2005) was an American cartoonist. He graduated from Central High School in Madison, Wisconsin, attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison and later served in World War II as a lieutenant.

He started working on comics in 1932 as an assistant of Carl Thomas Anderson and worked on the Sunday version of the Henry comics from Anderson's death in 1948 until 1995. (John Liney worked on the daily comics.)

A discovery in 2006 revealed that Trachte created a near-perfect replica of Breaking Home Ties, by Norman Rockwell, as well as several other original works that he owned, ostensibly in order to protect them. Upon the discovery of the original Breaking Home Ties by his sons, it was sold at auction for $15 million, a record at the time for a Rockwell.[1]


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