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Don Ienner (/ˈnər/ EYE-nər) was the Chairman of the Sony Music Label Group during first half of the decade of the 1990s. He worked closely with his predecessor Tommy Mottola and was partially responsible for the breakthrough of Mariah Carey.[citation needed]

He resigned from that position on June 1, 2006.

Don Ienner and his brother Jimmy Ienner founded a music production company C.A.M. U.S.A., which operated from 1972-1977.

According to former executive of Columbia and current businessman Steve Stoute, Ienner made a series of racially based business decisions that resulted in Columbia Records dropping Alicia Keys due to how her manager dressed, dropping 50 Cent after he had gotten shot, and backing out of a deal that Stoute had set up with Birdman, formerly known as Baby, in which Birdman had unprecedently presented the label with 6 albums, and full music videos shot independently. According to Stoute, Ienner stated when referring to Birdman's partner and brother, Ronald "Slim" Williams, "Shouldn't that guy be playing basketball?" Implying that Williams shouldn't be responsible for setting up and being party to major contracts with Columbia Records.[1]


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