Dominikus Zimmermann

Dominikus Zimmermann (30 June 1685, Gaispoint – 16 November 1766, Wies) was a German Rococo architect and stuccoist.

Dominikus Zimmermann
BornJune 30, 1685
Gaispoint, Germany
Wies, Austria
OccupationArchitect, stuccoist


Pilgrimage Church in Steinhausen (1728–31)
Interior of Wies Church, Steingaden, Germany (1745–54)
Wieskirche.- Pipe organs

Dominikus Zimmermann was born in Gaispoint near Wessobrunn in 1685 and became a Baumeister (Architect) and a stuccoist. His older brother Johann Baptist Zimmermann was an architect and a frescoist. Working together they produced masterpieces such as the church at Steinhausen. Dominikus Zimmermann descended from a family of artists and craftsmen belonging to the so-called Wessobrunner School, worked first as a stuccoist and later as a master builder and architect. He lived in Landsberg am Lech, where he was mayor between 1748–53. He died near the pilgrims' church in Wies near Steingaden in 1766.

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