Domenica (2001 film)

Domenica (also known as Sunday) is a 2001 Italian drama film directed by Wilma Labate. It entered the "Panorama" section at the 51st Berlin International Film Festival.[1][2]

Domenica (film).jpg
Directed byWilma Labate
Music byPaolino Dalla Porta
CinematographyAlessandro Pesci
Running time
94 minutes


Naples. Inspector Sciarra, afflicted by an incurable disease and on the eve of retirement, has the task of accompanying Domenica - a 12-year-old orphan - to the morgue to recognize the body of her rapist. His rapist, in fact, commits suicide in the police by jumping out of the window, and this recognition would help the police to avoid problems. It is the commissioner himself who asks Inspector Sciarra to track down the girl, who lives by tricks and wandering around the city. After several attempts, Inspector Sciarra spends an afternoon with Domenica at, at the end of the day. both will realize that they have been used and that a deep emotional bond has been established between them.


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