Dogs in Canada

Dogs in Canada was a print magazine published by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) between the 19th and 21st centuries. The publication was initially titled Canadian Kennel Gazette, later to become Kennel and Bench and finally Dogs In Canada. Issues were published on a monthly basis, along with an annual edition.[1]

Dogs in Canada
Dogs In Canada cover.jpg
The June 2005 edition of Dogs in Canada
First issueFebruary 1889 (1889-02)
Final issue2012 (2012)
CompanyApex Publishing

History and profileEdit

Founded in 1889, Dogs in Canada was the oldest continually-published magazine in Canada.[2] It was started as a newsletter owned by Apex Publishing Ltd, a subsidiary of The CKC.[3] The magazine originally focused purely on Pedigree dogs and dog shows. A subscription was previously included in the price of membership of the CKC.[citation needed]

Following a shift in editorial direction, Dogs In Canada became a more general-interest dog magazine, aimed at pet owners.[4] After the shift in content proved to be financially disastrous, subsequent changes in editorial staff returned the magazine to its original focus.[citation needed]

The December 2011 edition and 2012 annual marked the final publication of Dogs in Canada, however the CKC maintains a digital archive for its members.[1] This was followed a decision by the Canadian Kennel Club to close its publishing arm, Apex Publishing, citing the worsening financial state of the publishing industry.[4][5][6]

Columns & DepartmentsEdit

  • Nutrition
  • Citizen canine
  • Behavior
  • Brushing up
  • Health basics
  • Barks
  • Breed lines
  • Feedback - Letters to the editor

Features focusEdit

  • Health
  • Animal welfare
  • Sporting activities
  • Human-animal bond
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Training & behavior
  • Breeding
  • History & the arts


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