Doctor Bird Records

Doctor Bird (founded 1965) was a British and Jamaican record label named after the Jamaican doctor bird. It was founded by Graeme Goodall after his break from Island Records.[1][2] By 1971 it had a subsidiary Jazz Workshop Records.[3]


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  2. ^ Jon Masouri Wailing Blues - The Story of Bob Marley's Wailers "Graeme Goodall, who also ran the Doctor Bird label, set up Trojan subsidiary Attack and began issuing Bunny's productions thereafter, although not exclusively."
  3. ^ Billboard - 13 Apr 1968 - Page 53 Vol. 80, No. 15 -The third album release by the Doctor Bird subsidiary Jazz Workshop Records Friday (5) is "Im- provisational Jazz Workshop," featuring Ron Carter and Steve Kuhn on originals by Don Heck- man and Ed Summerlin."