DocFetcher is a desktop search application with an index, which makes it fast. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux[1], is written in Java[2] and the graphical user interface is based on the Standard Widget Toolkit. Indexing and searching is based on Apache Lucene, a widely used open source search engine. The software is open-source.

DocFetcher Screenshot.JPG
Developer(s)DocFetcher project
Stable release
1.1.22 / Jul, 30, 2018
Written inJava
Operating systemMS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
LicenseEclipse Public License


  • Supports all major document formats, including:
  • Can use an index for filenames and contents, and is therefore very fast.
  • Automatically updates its indexes whenever files are modified
  • Exclusion of files from indexing based on regular expressions
  • Wildcard search, OR, AND, NOT, "phrase search" operators
  • Fuzzy search
  • Translated in chinese, italien, ukrainian. Parts translated to french, japanese, spanisch, german.[3]

Pairing of HTML filesEdit

By default, DocFetcher treats pairs of HTML files (e.g. a file named foo.html and a folder named foo_files) as a single document. The purpose of this is to improve the quality of the search results by hiding files inside the HTML folders, which users are usually not interested in and which can therefore be considered "noise".


It is available as a portable version that allows the user to bundle DocFetcher with the personal files on a USB drive or external disk in order to create a portable and searchable index of files. It can also be used to synchronize over multiple computers via a file synchronization service. Due to the fact that DocFetcher is Java-based, this repository can be accessed from Windows, Mac and Linux.

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