Djurö National Park

Djurö is an island, a surrounding archipelago of some 30 islands, and a national park situated in Sweden's biggest lake, Vänern. Established in 1991, the national park has an area of 24 km2 (9.3 sq mi), and includes all the islands of the archipelago.[1]

Djurö National Park
Djurö nationalpark
Stenhällar Djurö.jpg
Timmerviken bay, main island
LocationVästra Götaland County, Sweden
Nearest cityMariestad, Karlstad
Coordinates58°51′N 13°28′E / 58.850°N 13.467°E / 58.850; 13.467Coordinates: 58°51′N 13°28′E / 58.850°N 13.467°E / 58.850; 13.467
Area24 km2 (9.3 sq mi)[1]
Governing bodyNaturvårdsverket

The islands are presently uninhabited, but there is a hunting lodge and an unmanned lighthouse. Wildlife includes fallow deer and a great variety of birds including ospreys, hobby, oystercatchers and great black-backed gulls. The horizon of Djurö consists only of water, except in southern direction where Kinnekulle is visible.[1][2]

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